Student Travel Spotlight: Teagan Laws

Teagan Laws left Prescott on Friday, Dec. 6 destined for San Antonio, Texas to celebrate the holidays with her family. Laws worked at NAPA Auto Parts and tried mangonadas. Even with the busy vacation Laws still had time to relax and catch up on sleep. 

NAPA Auto Parts was a distribution center and part of Genuine Part Company (GPC), where she worked before going to college. While working at NAPA Auto Parts, Laws got to be a judge for the 2nd annual International Bar-B-Que Cookers Association (IBCA) and taste 16 different chickens, which took place December 20 and 21. The IBCA was an event to receive donated toys for the less fortunate, with a car and truck show. That was one of Laws’ favorite parts of winter break.

Another highlight was a new culinary experience for Laws: the mangonadas. A mangonadas is a Mexican drink with mango, orange juice, chamoy, and chile lime salt. Laws went to a place called Zero Degrees, she very much enjoyed the drink. Zero Degrees is an Asian-Hispanic fusion restaurant that specializes in high quality drinks and snacks. 

After her first semester at college Laws was excited to go home and just relax and be with family. Some of the family members she got to see were her parents, brother, aunt, and grandmother. With not having any school work, Laws got to catch up on some lost sleep. 

Laws returned to Prescott just in time for the new semester on Jan. 6 of the new year.