Student Travel Spotlight: Anthony Mclevsky

As the new year brings with it a new semester, many have returned from afar with determination and mild apprehension in tow. Some stayed within the country, while others crossed oceans and continents. Either way, they bring back memories aplenty from their time away.

Anthony Mclevsky has recently returned from Seattle, Washington. He’s an Aerospace Engineer – Astro Track major set to graduate in Spring of 2023. For those that are unaware, Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, with an estimated population of 744,955 residents as of 2018. Having thrived off of logging and shipbuilding for decades prior, it is now a hub for technology and transportation, while also serving as a base for the Amazon Corporation and other big names such as Microsoft, Boeing, and Starbucks.

When asked what brought him to Seattle, Mclevsky revealed that he was there to visit his family, who have been living there since 1999. He added that he and his family are originally from Odessa, Ukraine. His flight was relatively uneventful, and he was glad to return to the warm welcome of his family and friends.

Due to the nature of Winter Break, Mclevsky had the opportunity to attend his family’s Christmas party. “[The] holiday celebrations were good. We had a family party where most of our family and friends joined us. We made a bunch of food like grilled lamb chops and pork ribs. I also played a card game called ‘Munchies’ with a group of friends.” He also noted that they threw a similar party on New Year’s Eve.

Besides holidays, winter brings with it many seasonal activities to occupy one’s time. Mclevsky’s favorite memory of his trip happens to involve one such winter activity: skiing. He said, “The name of the mountain is Mount Baker, while the ski pass is called Stevens Pass. It’s located on Highway 2, about a two-hour drive north from Seattle.” As it happens, Mount Baker is actually a glaciated volcano, and it’s the second-most thermodynamically active crater, just behind Mount Saint Helens.

The ski resort, established in 1927, is well-renowned for its high average annual snowfall of 641 inches. In fact, it still holds the record for the world’s greatest recorded snowfall in one season, with a staggering 1,140 inches in winter of 1998. Mclevsky maintains that the pass is worth the hype and worth a visit.