Short Story: Nature’s Beauty

Walking through the trees, trying to find shelter of any kind. Upon laying eyes on a log cabin it catches on fire, burning so brightly the sun could be jealous. Staying close to the inflamed log cabin to keep warm. A tree falls nearby, creating a place to get out of the weather. The flames travel to the fallen tree, escaping just in time before the flames reach. As the fire spreads it also spreads the light. Running, trying to leave the flames behind. Just trying to leave it all behind. 

Coming up to a river, splashing and swimming around. Refreshing to wash all the worries away. Floating down the river, drifting in and out. Nightfalls and the darkness surrounds with the wind howling through the trees. Whispering secrets that will never be told. The howls harmonize with the wind creating eerie sounds through the night. Always heard even with the trees dancing to the sounds. 

The leaves crunch from beneath, ready to create a new beginning for the world. The old helps bring in the new, never forget where you came from. It roots itself from what has happened, because the new can not happen without the old. It is always good to remember the old, but equally as good to embrace the new. Coming up to a cliffside, seeing for miles and all of nature’s beauty.

As the sun peeks over the trees, a cheerier song emerges from the birds. Reaching the banks on the river, crashing into the earth. The only way water knows how to say hello. The darkness has been overrun by the light, only for the light to fade away and the darkness returns. While the light is shining bright, embrace it; and when the darkness comes back, embrace it.

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