Music Review: “Lemonade Mouth”

Rating: 5 out of 5

As we enter 2020, I thought it would be appropriate to review a classic Disney movie’s soundtrack from the beginning of our decade: “Lemonade Mouth.” The “Lemonade Mouth” soundtrack peaked at #4 on the US Billboard 200 in 2011. The music has been classified as teen pop, pop punk, hip hop and rock. This album has many classics, such as “She’s So Gone,” “Determinate,” and “Breakthrough.”

“She’s So Gone” reminds me of a classic Avril Lavigne song. A powerful song for the character Mo, this song goes hard with pumping drums and soaring lyrics. “Breakthrough” is a signature piece that is very light and fun. The lyrics are powerful and encourage the listener to be themselves, no matter what. This is an extremely inspiring message. It also boasts a fun chorus to sing, broken up with a soft piano bridge and a rap section. This song makes me want to throw my fist in the air and belt the words. “Determinate” starts slow and builds to an intense, familiar chorus. This song is easily one of the more recognizable songs from this movie. With a prominent guitar presence, catchy electronic sound effects, and strong vocals, this track is awesome to listen to and will no doubt increase the energy of the room. 

“Here We Go” reminds me of the song “Dinosaur” by Ke$ha with Arvil Lavigne backup crew. With easy lyrics to remember, this song is definitely one to jump and down to. Reminiscent  of the song “Airplanes” by B.O.B., “Livin’ On a High Wire” has strong rap sections but also has groovy guitar mixed in. This song has more pop and country influences. “And the Crowd Goes” is definitely a mix of 5SOS and Sum 41. It has more of a poppy chorus but with strong rock sections. “Don’t Ya Wish U Were Us?” also falls into this category. It definitely fluffs your ego up a little. “More Than a Band” is a slow ballot that is very sweet and sentimental. These lyrics make me tear up a little. “Turn Up the Music” is a classic Disney bop with lively guitar and piano. “Somebody” is also another classic Disney song that reminds me of early Demi Lovato. 

Although this soundtrack only has 10 songs and lasts 30 minutes, these 30 minutes are a fun and moving time. If you want to feel major nostalgia, listen to the “Lemonade Mouth” soundtrack. I feel like a lot of people forgot about this film and they shouldn’t. With classics that throw me back to my childhood, I will continue to listen to this soundtrack. If I could give this album more than 5 stars, I would. 

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