Movie Review: “Last Christmas”

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

During the 2019 Christmas season, I decided to hit the Prescott town and see a well-hyped movie, “Last Christmas.” Prior to actually viewing the movie, my only knowledge consisted of the movie’s genre as a romantic comedy and its cast. This holiday movie featured Daenerys Targaryen and Nick Young, aka Emilia Clark from Game of Thrones and Henry Golding from Crazy Rich Asians for those unaware. As I sat in my cushy red movie theater seat at Harkins, excitedly anticipating the rom com that would bless my eyes, like a child on Christmas Eve, I was hopeful that this movie would be as trailblazing as Crazy Rich Asians was, in my perspective. 

Little to my knowledge, this romance comedy would also act as a drama. The movie’s climax hit me like a freaking express train at full speed, leaving me shook and empty. Thank goodness the movie theater was refurnished because its reclining seats were the perfect sponge to soak up my tears. While I won’t specifically describe the movie’s details, for I hate spoilers, in retrospect, it is a well-rounded movie. The basic plot of the movie is centered on a young aspiring singer who falls victim to bad decisions, sorrow, and alcohol, only to be rescued by Tom, her shining knight in a peacoat on the streets of London. While I did just describe “Last Christmas” in one sentence, there are so many more twists and turns that make the movie the dysfunctional romance drama it is and worthy of your watch. I highly recommend this movie, for its entertainment and humor, but mostly for its element of surprise. It was refreshing, a quirky romance to combat the cookie-cutter Hallmark movies that typically befall the winter season. 

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