Comic Review: “Savage Avengers” Issue 1

Rating: 5 out of 5

Savage Avengers is a new comic about a different version of the Avengers. In this issue you meet Conan the Barbarian, a sword and sorcery superhero, Wolverine, a mutant who has metal claws that retract into his hands, and the Punisher, a strong anti-hero who has complete control over his consciousness, meaning he can not be mind-controlled. You also get a glimpse of Venom if you look closely. The setting is on Earth, but at a place called the Savage Land. There is a group of people who are trying to summon a god from another planet to take over Earth that play the role of antagonists.

The comic begins with a sacrifice of a singer to the god of another world and on the next page is the title and a description on what the issue is about. This page is really cool because it is like in the movies where there is an opening scene and then the title comes on the screen. The next scene or page opens up to Conan who is fighting ninjas in red, that is until Wolverine appears and he and Conan start fighting.

The art style is very rugged and dark; this is not the kind of Avengers in the movies. There is a lot of movement strokes to convey action, using different colors for that really gives the impression of movement and shadow. The dark color palette also makes the comic even more mysterious. With all the dark colors there are flashes of light colors; the light reflecting off the metal weapons and armour.

With this being only the first issue of this new comic series, the mysteriousness and the thick plot line call the reader back for more. This is going to be a very interesting comic book series. Considering how many more Avengers there are to meet in this series who all have different and unique backgrounds, this is one to look for.

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