Car Review: 2017 Grand Sport Corvette

Rating: 5 out of 5

Seeing a sports car is always a wonderful moment. There is the awe, allure, wonder, and fascination when watching it drive past or seeing it parked. People naturally gravitate towards it and sometimes take photos with it, especially if it has a nice paint job. But to drive in one is a whole different thing.

Over the winter break, I got to hang out with family and admire my brother’s Corvette. It’s a gorgeous car – as can be seen in the photos – and is on the short list of things my brother adores. We are a car family, so that’s natural. Having ridden in it with him before, I’ve been able to experience all of its wonder and magic. Let me share that here. 

My brother, Greg Tyler, has been driving this particular vehicle since 2017. I remember when he got it and when my dad added the red stripes to it. Gosh, were we all fawning over the new ‘vette! Tyler has been driving Corvettes since 2011 and loves this car. From its agility to handling, Tyler went into all of the details about the Corvette.

This car is a Grand Sport, and Tyler says that means that it has “upgraded handling and brakes.” Revving with a v8 engine and 430 horsepower, it’s not an easy car to drive. My brother is constantly telling me that I need at least 3-5 years of driving experience before being able to handle the corvette on my own. I believe it, because when driving with him or my mom in the car, it’s fascinating to watch them handle it.

Another aspect of its features is that it can pull 1.2Gs (measurement of force) in a turn. This essentially means it can “literally drive sideways on a wall” remarks Tyler. The Grand Sport Corvette is a race car for sure. 

One snazzy thing about the Corvette that only the driver can see is the heads-up holographic display in the windshield. When driving, the driver can see pertinent details about the car’s performance without looking at their hands. This is necessary because it’s a car that calls for all eyes on the roads and mirrors.

As for the agility, Tyler loves the car because it not only goes fast but it can “stop and change directions at 80 [mph] like it’s nothing.” If the steering wheel is jerked slightly, the car moves a whole lane. It’s incredible.

Tyler does see a few downsides to the car, however. He states that due to it being so low, people often don’t see him when changing lanes. They tend to “violate [his] right of way” so he has learned to drive defensively and expect cars to hit him. 

Now for the icing on the cake: the drive experience. The ride in the Corvette is amazing. The low height does mean someone has to squat get into the car, but wow, is it mind-blowing. The drive is smooth and fast, almost the way one would imagine water to move. Of course, there is the added “look-at-me” factor that being in the car attracts. All in all, this is an astounding vehicle.