Restaurant Review: Five Guys

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

One chilly Sunday night, on Nov. 10, 2019, my murmuring stomach led me to the fast-food restaurant chain of Five Guys. Never had I been before. When I first entered the restaurant, I embraced the upbeat red-and-white retro diner vibes. This Prescott Valley Five Guys was a respectable size, with a varying combination of high and low seated tables. Although it was a Sunday, I expected a line since it was the day before Veteran’s Day; the restaurant was deserted, with the exception of some rambunctious assumed high schoolers. With no line, I had the opportunity to converse with the cashier, respecting her personable attitude towards customer service and her fashion-forward red Five Guys visor. Once I ordered, I moved on to the soda machines and was pleasantly surprised at the opposition to the ERAU soda machines. Coke products have resurfaced! 

While my time at Five Guys resulted in a positive dining experience, in retrospect, there were some letdowns. In preparation of ordering, I had looked at the online menu and set my heart on a big chocolate milkshake. Yet when I tried to order it and fulfill my dreams, I was told this location does not serve milkshakes, a hidden inconsistency in the chain’s menu management. Secondly, while I appreciate French fries in any form, I would like my fries to be in the basket delivered, not greasing the bottom of the paper bag because the Five Guys employees have bad aim. Lastly, while Five Guys is slightly pricey and more expensive than their competitors like In-N-Out, I recommend combatting this by ordering the smaller sizes of the desired items. I learned very quickly that their version of medium food portions is much greater than my own. Even though I was ecstatic to get so much food, I regretted it halfway into the eating endeavor. My serving of fries was large, and my cheeseburger had more than one slab of meat: I am suspicious of how many were actually placed between the buns. So, to save money and still have a full-sized meal, I recommend ordering smalls of whatever you would like.

Overall, I had an above-average time dining out at Five Guys and recommend it to anyone who has a craving for oversized cheeseburgers and a little extra dough.

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