Polar Express

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Although some have given “Polar Express” a bad review, I think that it a classic Christmas movie with several good qualities. Many have criticized it for its animation and the uncanniness of the characters. Moving past that, this story is an original piece that gives you a warm feeling inside. The story follows a boy who is losing the spirit of Christmas. He goes to sleep on Christmas Eve and wakes up, his room shaking from a mysterious train passing by. He approaches the train conductor who is outside and waiting for him to board. The conductor tells the boy that they are going to the North Pole. The boy, skeptical at first, boards the train. There, he meets other children who were picked up. On the journey to the North Pole, the boy and his new friends encounter obstacles, such as losing their train ticket. Eventually, they reach the North Pole and meet Santa. This journey reignites the spirit of believing in the boy, a spark that he will never lose.  

I watch this movie every Christmas Eve with my sister and I love it for several reasons. First, the storyline is extremely creative. Unique characters sprinkled throughout with unique personalities which add so much to the movie, such as The Conductor, Billy the Lonely Boy, Hero Boy and Hero Girl. The soundtrack has notable songs, such as “When Christmas Comes To Town,” “Hot Chocolate,” and “Believe.” These songs are easy to sing along with and fill you with the spirit of Christmas. The storyline always fills me with a warm feeling. 

This movie is a classic Christmas movie. It is special to me and my sister, and it reminds me to never lose the spirit of Christmas.