Helping Hearts Pie Palooza

“It might not be March 14th, but it’s still Pie Palooza!” Portia Simmons announces. Simmons is the  President of the Helping Hearts club, a new club on campus. On Nov. 13, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. outside of the Student Union, the Helping Hearts club sold slices of pie in a fundraiser. One slice of pie for $1, or for one dollar more, a person would have a chance for a slice of pie and the ability to pie the president—whipped cream included. Even if one didn’t want to pie the president, it was prime before-dinner snack time, and who doesn’t like their dessert first? With a variety of different pies, and whipped cream to top it all off, the Pie Palooza was a great idea and all for a good cause.

     The Helping Hearts club was raising money for the club itself this time, but at the same time, was not raising money for itself. The profit made from this event is to help start raising money by giving the club the ability to do bigger and better fundraisers that will be used to fundraise for various non-profit organizations. According to Simmons, “Helping Hearts is a volunteer club that also raises money for different non-profits, such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and St. Jude’s.” The members of this club all have one goal in common: to help others. By starting this organization, they will be able to achieve that goal through volunteer services and fundraising for various organizations. One of their other events was the Nov. 23 Killer Queens concert, which raised money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust to help fight HIV and Aids.

One member, Anna Wockenfuss, encourages people to “Join Helping Hearts! It’s a good way to get involved in your school and community, and a good way to get community service hours.” As many people know, there are several clubs and organizations on campus that encourage or require community service hours and Helping Hearts is an excellent way of getting those hours. The Pie Palooza was a starting point for this club, hoping to raise funds in order to enable them to put on bigger fundraisers in the future. After all, who doesn’t like a good slice of pie? 

With options of blueberry, cherry, apple, and pumpkin, the standard fan favorites offered many people a chance to get a slice of their favorite pie. The table even had mini fake pumpkins one could take home if they so desired. Simmons’ willingness to take a pie to the face for a good cause is commendable. Acknowledgement should be given to the other members of the club as well, as the Helping Hearts club exists for the purpose of helping others—a noble endeavor many in today’s society elect not to adopt. Keep up the great work!

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