Global Affairs Club (GAC): Club Spotlight

Global Affairs Club (GAC) is an Embry-Riddle club that competes in Model UN and Model NATO conferences. GAC currently has 15-20 active members. GAC competes in an annual international Model NATO competition in D.C. A team of ten members is established to represent ERAU and GAC. They also visit embassies for each delegation, allowing students to talk about policy diplomacy with the experts. “Several of our past and present students won awards in NATO. We’re thrilled to be able to compete at such a high level!” says Kaylee Coffman, Secretary. 

“We focus on helping students analyze and understand international events and politics, as well as build communication skills,” continues Coffman,”A large portion of Model UN revolves around clear and concise discussion, both written and verbal, so the club is fantastic for students who want to develop those abilities!” Coffman states that, “GAC combines critical thinking with the ever-changing global political climate. It forces students to adapt and constantly seek out knowledge. Students then get to apply these skills in conferences across Arizona and California, where they will be assigned a country or group to represent in a committee.” 

In November, GAC will be competing in a Model UN conference in Santa Barbara. Coffman recommends checking out the club, saying, “It teaches students valuable skills in communication, teamwork, and compromise, which are vital in the workforce. We have a lot of fun, too! We have students from all skill levels and backgrounds, so don’t let fear of failure keep you from joining! Model UN is extremely beneficial to people of all majors, and one of the best ways to develop interpersonal skills!” If you would like to find out more information, swing by a GAC meeting, which occur on Wednesdays from 7-8 P.M. in Building 17, Room 147.