Coffeeshop Review: Step One Coffee House

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Hidden in the back corner of the industrial/business area of Prescott Valley appears Step One Coffee House and its accompanying bookstore. It’s pertinent to know that while there are signs pointing to the coffeeshop, it is still easy to get lost, like I did. The coffeeshop is also known as Carlito’s Café, so if you see signage for that as well, you’re in the right place.

There are doors with which to enter the coffeeshop on both sides of the establishment, so that is really nice. No need to worry about or stress over parking. Once inside, you’re hit with an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. That part is pleasant because I personally prefer to drink coffee and tea in more homey surroundings. 

The menu selection is quite vast, offering not only coffee-based beverages, but many syrups, teas, and even food. They had nachos, so it’s also a great place to bring that one friend that lives to eat. I found it really cool that they even had a blackberry flavored syrup available. The choices they had would lead to some really creative coffee drinks. But I opted for my more traditional order of a doppio espresso shot and some mint tea.

After placing my order with the all-women baristas (woo!), one of them reached over and provided me with a punch card. It was awesome to get one, because who doesn’t love incentives to return to a place that you might call your second home? I received my drinks shortly after, found a cozy chair and table, and curled up to read my book. My tea was well-brewed, and my espresso shots were robust and easy to drink. I appreciated that.

I feel that a customer can tell a lot about a coffeeshop based on how they not serve their drinks but choose to set up their café. While I enjoyed the vast menu, the aspect that didn’t do it for me was that the environment almost couldn’t decide if it wanted to be an indoor café or emulate an outdoor feel. There were cozy couches and the run-of-the-mill coffee tables, but there were also high-top chairs and tables that seemed to belong outside more than indoors. Combine the furniture selection with the brightly colored paint and I was a bit confused as to what vibe the coffeeshop was going for.

All in all, I give this coffeeshop a 4 out 5 stars. It has great coffee and a wide food selection if hunger strikes, but the environment wasn’t as much café as I was hoping for.