Book Review: Ghosts of Sheridan Circle by Alan McPherson

Rating: 5/5

The book “Ghosts of Sheridan Circle” is a true story about the way the United States took steps to ensure what happened in the story does not happen again. The four main characters and their friends in the story are: Isabel Letelier, wife to Orlando Letelier, and husband and wife Michael and Ronni Moffits. They all worked at the Institute for Policy Studies, or ISP. The event that sent shock waves around the United States happened in front of the Romanian Embassy in Washington D.C. in a dust blue Chevelle. 

BOOM. One bomb changed the lives of four people and sparked change to stop this from happening to others. Orlando Letelier was driving the Moffits to IPS in the morning on September 21, 1976. The bomb was right at Letelier’s feet, and sadly the only one to make it was Michael Moffits. Moffits was interviewed by the FBI about what  happened. It is really interesting to read about an event that was more than 40 years ago and see how this one event led to more advanced security and intelligence in the United States capital and around the country.

The book pulls in direct quotes and uses sources and cite them, giving the reader the ability to research the topic in more depth. It is like a gateway to the world of intelligence in the United States and what changes are happening to ensure the safety of the country. This book was very well thought out and well put together.

While history may not be everyone’s genre of choice, this book does not read like a regular history book, it is told as a story. This approach makes it more interesting to read and easy to follow. It is a story on how one event can change a country’s whole security grid, and shows that the security of the country was not up to par. It is sad that events like this are what make us open our eyes and change the problem.