BCA’s Winterfest

Finals are almost here and so comes the end of the semester. Everyone needs a much-needed break at this time of year, but with winter break not quite here people will simply have to wait. Or do they? The Board of Campus Activities (BCA) gave everyone an opportunity to have a break before the Thanksgiving and winter breaks—Winterfest. This event was a great option for those both on and off campus to relax and enjoy free food and entertainment, and many people did.

 This year, Winterfest occurred on Nov. 16 at 4 p.m. in the Student Union Lower Hanger and in the courtyard. With inflatable decorations and the cold weather, it was almost a winter wonderland—the only thing missing was snow. According to one of the members of BCA, Kolby Yoshimi, “This is kind of a fun, end-of-the-year party before Thanksgiving and finals. It’s a good opportunity to hang out and relax before finals.” And many people agree—it was a break-before-break, one that many students and faculty alike needed. 

As with most of BCA’s event, there were some cool freebies for the first lucky attendees, and this year they included warm black beanies and awesome clear glass mugs, both of which had the logo for the 2019 Winterfest. The theme for this event was “Lumberjack”’ and attendees had the option to dress up and compete in a costume contest. To go along with the Lumberjack theme, one of the activities included fake ax throwing. Along with ax-throwing, there were inflatables, a giant snow globe for photo opportunities, and cornhole. Attendees also had the opportunity to try the VR game Beat Saber or try their chances at Loteria to win a multitude of prizes.

As with many events, the feature that got the most attention was free food, and food there was. Food provided included s’mores, hotdogs, and chili (or chilidogs), cookie-decorating, building gingerbread houses, and hot chocolate. Attendees were able to enjoy their food in the warm Lower Hanger and sip the hot chocolate to keep them warm while outside. All the while, music was playing all around to keep the atmosphere happy.

One student in attendance, Skylar Kemper, gave a good description of what Winterfest was this year: “Its that end-of-fall, beginning-of-winter break before finals. It’s the break everyone wants but no one has time for.” Many people agree that it was a much-needed respite, but unfortunately many people were simply too busy to attend. After all, it is getting near the end of the semester, the time of year that keeps everyone busy.

The Winterfest this year gave attendees a good opportunity to simply relax and have fun with friends and loved ones,whether that be roasting some marshmallows over a crackling fire for smores or enjoying a cup of warm hot chocolate. With the food, good atmosphere, and entertainment, Winterfest was a wonderland for those who wanted a little escape.

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