Word On The Street – Class Enrollment

Nov. 4-7 marked the class registration period for the Spring 2020 semester at Embry-Riddle. It’s a stressful time of year for many students as finals are rapidly approaching.

I took to the offices of Embry-Riddle to ask advisors how enrolment week played out. Stacy McIntire, the Academic and Flight Advisor, and Paula Fuhst, Academic Advisor for the College of Engineering were kind enough to take a moment of their time to respond.

Stacy McIntire:

“The semester has been going really well, and the registration has been busy. All the students have been really excited about getting their schedules completed. I really love to see the enthusiasm about making sure that they’re on track and being responsible. It’s been a joy to meet with every student to make sure that they are getting their needs met and finding solutions to any difficult situations that they have… 

A lot of students came in worried about the flight block changes, panicked at first, not completely understanding probably why we changed them. Once that was explained and how they will align better with their Instructor Pilot, and we were able to find solutions to their schedules, they left here very happy and satisfied from what I could see… 

Change is not easy, its uncomfortable, so sometimes people panic a little bit, but I think once we found their solutions then they were ok.” – Stacy McIntire, the Academic and Flight Advisor

Paula Fuhst:

“I think enrollment has gone pretty well. So far, I think most of the Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors have gotten the classes they need. We do have a waiting list for some of those upper level classes, but the Chairs like Dr. Post and Dr. Sensmeier are working on getting those students into the classes whether it’s by increasing the capacity of the class or another section needing to be opened, so they’re working on that. 

The ones I kind of feel for are the first-year students. This is their first semester and they go to enroll for their second semester and so many of them, didn’t get all of their classes. There’s even some that didn’t get any of the classes that they wanted. So that’s hard… They’re already kind of stressed out over classes, moving towards finals, then they try to register for classes and many of them are full. We just do our best to get them enrolled… We’re working with department head of physics, chemistry, math, and communication to try to get the students the classes they need… I know that they’re trying. Dr. Drape said that he is having a hard time finding somebody to teach Engineering Economics.” – Paula Fuhst, Academic Advisor for the College of Engineering

I spoke with many students and all of them had good things to say about class enrollment. The only complication mentioned, the change that McIntire touched on too, was the flight blocks transitioning from three to five days.