What’s Good in Greek – Alpha Xi Delta Philanthropy Week

Alpha Xi Delta had its Philanthropy Week the last week of October with many events to raise money in support of Autism Speaks. 

Spread Xi Love was on the first day, but it wasn’t an actual fundraiser. It was more of an activity to spread positivity. Post it notes with positive messages or names of people that students know with autism were posted on AXiD’s letters.

Day two was a bake sale, which went very well. AXiD raised 322 dollars in one day for Autism Speaks. It was all baked goodies contributed by the sisters, so they were able to donate every dollar received to Autism speaks.

Alpha Xi Delta then put on a game night. There was an entry fee and then games could be played as much as those who entered wanted. President of Alpha Xi Delta Amanda Coria noted that the event was “really chill” and that the people who came “didn’t want to leave.”

The group, like many in Greek life, favors food-related fundraisers. In addition to their bake sale, on Halloween AXiD sold bags of treats and candy in support of Autism Speaks, and also featured a mac and cheese sale during the week. Coria’s “favorite day” saw the sisters selling out of the twelve pounds of mac and cheese they prepared.

In total for the week AXiD raised over 840 dollars for Autism Speaks. 

Autism Speaks is a national partner of Alpha Xi Delta. AXiD set out to raise ten million dollars in ten years since the partnership started roughly ten years ago and exceeded their goal. 

“Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of people with autism and their families. We do this through: Increasing Global Understanding and Acceptance, Advancing Breakthroughs in Autism Research, Expanding Early Childhood Screening and Intervention, Improving the Transition to Adulthood, Ensuring Access to Reliable Information across the Life Span,” according to ….

Talking about their partnership with Autism Speaks, Coria explained that many of the sisters joined “because of our philanthropy… Any money raised goes to any families that are affected by Autism… Along with that, it goes to awareness because there is a misconception… [That we are] donating to find a cure, but it’s not curable at this point in time, nor could it maybe ever be… It’s really important to us to make sure everyone knows… and make sure that the families that are affected can get the help, get the schooling, whatever the case may be.”

The Theta Zeta chapter of Alpha Xi Delta here at Embry-Riddle in Prescott will have events every month to support Autism Speaks as well as another Philanthropy Week next year.

There are thirty-one active members currently in the Theta Zeta chapter of AXiD. AXiD was the first sorority founded on this campus in 1991. At first, they were called a Women’s Fraternity because “they were that old,” as Coria joked, that sororities did not exist as a concept yet.

Coria mentioned one of the biggest advantages gained by the sisters in the Theta Zeta chapter was job connections that turned into entry role offers for many sisters. The pillars that serve as the shared foundation of AXiD are sisterhood, service, leadership, and knowledge, all embodied in the great philanthropy week the organization put on.