Restaurant Review: Raven Café

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I grew up in a quiet little town called Celina, Texas. As such, I don’t jive with major cities all too well. I find them too crowded and impersonal most of the time, even if I’m usually enthralled by the various sights to see. A town like Prescott is much more my style, though it incorporates the best part about cities: the wealth of things to do. However, all too often does it seem that people refuse to explore that wealth to the fullest. In an effort to right this grave wrong, I encourage you to visit the Raven Café on Whiskey Row.

Now, the outside looks very old and rickety. I was under the impression that the entrance could collapse at any moment, but there’s still a lot to like about this look. It’s not the prettiest, but it has a very genuine feel to it. This might just be me, but I find the “country shack” look endearing. However, looks can be deceiving, and the inside is far more modern than I was expecting. It keeps up the wood theme from the outside, but it resembles an antique shop more than a shack. There’s also local art on display and for sale by all the tables, which I also found charming.

The bartender was also serving as the cashier, and she was a very helpful lady. She and the other servers seemed like they were in high spirits, much like the gentlemen at the bar. I paid a decent amount for a drip coffee and hamburger, but I was surprised by the quality of the coffee. I hadn’t had any coffee originating from Prescott, so I was happy to indulge in a cup. 

The burger took a little bit longer to arrive than I expected, but I took that as a sign of quality. As it happens, my judgement turned out to be true. Although it was on the small side, the burger was cooked to a marvelous medium-rare, and whatever seasonings they used were quite tasty. It was filling, tasty, and the salad side wasn’t half bad. The cozy atmosphere was a perfect compliment to my meal, and I enjoyed soaking it all in why I was there.

I’d say that the Raven Café makes for a great casual lunch destination. It may be a little pricey, but it makes up for that with quality food and some welcoming ambiance. I’d recommend that you grab a friend and head on down there. It’s the finest shack lookalike I’ve had the pleasure of dining in.

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