RA Spotlight: Cord Arnold

Cord Arnold started his Resident Assistant (RA) position this academic year in Hall 9 in the village overseeing 60 residents. Cord recently switched from Aerospace Engineering – Astro track to Mechanical Engineering – Propulsion. During his free time, he likes to be outside, climbing around Prescott and the Dells. Cord also enjoys four-wheeling with his 4runner and camping when he gets the time. Below is an excerpt of an interview I had with Cord.

Q: Which is your favorite housing complex and why?

A: I might be partial to my complex, but I really enjoy the Village as I love to cook so having a kitchen is awesome. There is also a wall that is essentially a whiteboard that is nice to do homework on.

Q: What motivated you to become an RA?

A: When I was a freshman my RA put on events and would stop by and hang out with us and that got me thinking that it would be awesome to create a community within your hall to bring everyone together.

Q: Being an RA requires lots of energy, do you think you’ve changed since taking the role? How so?

A: Since I have become an RA, I’ve had to become more organized and forward thinking to plan events and make sure that I am keeping up with my duties!

Q: Is there something you wish you could change about Housing Life? Why?

A: If there is one thing I would change about housing life it would be to let everyone know how much of a resource their RA can be. 

Q: I know the Department of Housing and Residence Life has three pillars that RAs strive to uphold: customer service, connections, and care. Which is the most important to you?

A: If I had to choose one, I would have to choose care as it is more of an umbrella term that applies to everything. If you truly care, you will be providing excellent customer service and people know the difference between someone who cares and who is just doing their job. Also, it would be very hard to make connections with other people if you didn’t care. Because of this, care is really required to uphold the other two pillars of housing!

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