Pride Network Study Group Night – NEW

October 17, 2019 saw the inaugural Pride Network Study Night

The Pride Network, a club here at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott campus that is for students who identify as LGBTQ and their allies, held its first study group night recently. Speaking with Montana Williams, the president of the Pride Network, who majors in Aeronautics, shed some light as to what motivated the Pride Network to study together and how it went.

At the start of the semester during the first Pride Network meeting, it was suggested that the members and friends’ all get together to study. The motivation was that a study group would be a good way to hopefully increase the club’s overall academic standing. Upon hearing this suggestion, the club and its members received it extremely well and keen interest was expressed, especially in setting a date. Thus, the idea behind first study group night was born. 

The date that was picked for the study night was Thursday Oct 17, 2019. The study group night took place in one of the classrooms within the maze. This location was chosen because it wasn’t the library and thus wasn’t packed. It was said to have been “pretty good” according to Williams. While only club members were in attendance, Williams reasoned that the lack of new faces was due to poor advertising of the event. On the bright side, however, Williams feels that the attendees of the study group night “got quite a bit done.” The study night did end early due to attendees petering out, but that is naturally to be expected as students here are quite busy. 

It is hoped that when the next study group night occurs, there will be more persons present and new faces in attendance. To help with this, more advertising of the study group is planned. Williams says that there will be “one coming up within a few weeks” and posters will go up soon. So, keep an eye out when passing the bulletin boards.

While speaking with Williams, the idea was proffered of a tutoring aspect to the study night, however, that is anticipated to require more planning. Williams said that the “Pride Network has a fairly diverse [selection] of majors” so help with a topic could be reasonably obtained during the next study group night with a simple ask for help. And of course, snacks were asked about, to which Williams replied that while there aren’t any planned, if students wanted to bring their own, they could. So BYOF (Bring Your Own Food)!

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