Out and About: Bowling, BSA, and Bumpers

It was Friday night and that meant that it was time to bowl with my friends from the Black Student Alliance (BSA). Having been a planned night out for a little while, I was looking forward to getting my bowl on with everyone and showing them what’s up. When I got in, my eyes had to adjust to the neon lights that made it feel like I stepped back in time to a more retro era. After getting the required clown shoes – read: uncomfortable and large bowling shoes – I added my nickname to the queue on the right lane. Naturally, mine was 007 because what else do you do when your last name is Bond? After all of the code names of the bowlers were entered for each lane, the games began. 

We played a few rounds, realizing quickly that some of us needed the bumpers to keep up. I was one of those people. As a result of the lack of bumpers, my skill that night was in the dumps for both games that I played. I ended up scoring dead last, however, to my credit, the highest score was about 120, so my 35 wasn’t that bad. Also, gutter balls were abound (not for me!). But we had a ton of fun trying to hit some strikes, dancing up a storm to the varied music that was playing, and clowning each other. 

Soon it was about 10:00 p.m. and we were all getting ready to go. A few people had left the bowling alley a little earlier and we took a wonderful group photo, pictured here. The night was silly and fun because we got to see each other’s competitive spirits and creativity with nicknames. We were also pretty close to home because we stayed in Prescott for bowling. This meant that we were able to play a few games with a ton of people. I even saw some other friends that night, including my house mates, while I was bowling. It was definitely a night to remember and a night to repeat.