Murder Mystery!

Pride Network’s Keeping Up With The Olympians

“First, rollcall!” Shouts Hermes, standing atop the hearth of Spruance House. The messenger god takes roll, and thirty of the gods, goddesses, demigods, and epic heroes from the Greek Mythological pantheon respond. 

He reaches the end of the list. “Eros?” Hermes pauses. No one responds. “Well – we knew someone wasn’t going to show tonight…” Hermes leaves the hearth to mingle with the crowd of students in Spruance’s dining hall.

Suddenly, Hermes announces an urgent message for Hades. He brings the message to the underworld’s frightful ruler, who reads it aloud: “Eros is dead… he’s been stabbed to death.” Gasps and murmurs emanated from the crowd. Who would murder the god of desire? The mystery was afoot.

On Saturday Nov. 2, 2019, Pride Network hosted “Keeping Up With The Olympians, a Greek mythology themed murder mystery dinner party held at Spruance House. The event was put on to establish a larger campus presence for Pride Network, which has reformed this semester under its new name after previously being known as the Gay-Straight Alliance.

Student Grey Trotter, who played Apollo, was “pretty surprised [about the turn-out]… because Pride events have low attendance.” A total of 30 students attended the event, split evenly between members and non-members of the club. Grey felt that the number of attendees was perfect, especially for Pride Network’s first time hosting a murder mystery.

“I think it’s turning point… because pride doesn’t do a lot of events like it,” they explained. “The only thing even comparable is the drag show, but that’s once a year… this is like a cornerstone which we can do more often.”

The murder mystery was planned over a week and a half with a team of 6 actors from Pride who wrote the script, gathered props, and wrote character cards for each of the attendees. The character cards explained who each attendee’s assigned mythological figure is, their important relationships with other characters, and a set of secret information to aid in solving the mystery.

Student Connor Skov, who played the mortal crashing the party, thought that the murder mystery was well put together and very entertaining. “[Keeping Up with The Olympians] is not the type of dinner theater I’ve been to in the past,” Connor said. “It was well worth the three dollars for the ticket, even for the pizza.”

“Keeping Up with The Olympians” was an excellent night of Greek-themed intrigue and fun. If you missed this semesters murder mystery, then be sure to catch Pride Network’s next one which will be around Valentine’s Day in 2020. 

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