Movie Review: Joker

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Chaos, destruction, the Joker, and the Wayne family: What more could you ask for in a DC movie?  Joaquin Phoenix’s role as the Joker was outstanding. He portrayed a mentally ill man that wants to find his way in life and fit in with his surroundings. The movie is full of suspense and is extremely dark in many parts, with many scenes throughout the movie that are really sad, and Joaquin Phoenix does an excellent job portraying a man that is mentally sick. The complexities of the Joker make it a really hard part for actors to accomplish. Joaquin performed extremely well in this movie and portrayed the the villain we all know and love.

The movie has a lot of parts that drug on with the Joker not being able to stop laughing, which can be very dark and hard to watch at times. Showing the mental illness that some people in this world struggle with. Joaquin Phoenix showed the difficulty of living with mental illnesses that people in the world face extremely well; he displayed that he believes he is this character. DC did a great job of giving the backstory of one of many Jokers that are portrayed throughout the comic book series. This movie is a pretty dark movie, so don’t expect a good ending. As we all know, the DC franchise is a dark movie producer. Unlike Marvel with the endings being very happy most of the time, DC makes the characters, in my opinion, feel a little more realistic with the struggles and pain they go through.

Overall, I loved this movie. This was a great film that made me more interested in the Joker’s backstory as there is not many comic books, television shows or movies that dove into the history of this character. I rated this four out of five stars because, once again with the creation of a Joker role in a movie or television show, they do not explain that the Joker is a role that keeps being passed down by multiple people, and rather display the character as the one and only Joker. Joaquin Phoenix did an excellent job with his r