Halloween Costume Contest: A Fangtastic Time

Calling all ghouls, gremlins, and goblins! In order to celebrate the true spirit of Halloween, The Student Veteran Organization (SVO) with support from the Student Government Association (SGA), threw their first costume content on Halloween Day. SVO supports college-based military veterans and supports active service members, their families, friends and associates. Their mission is “to promote growth, education and future prosperity amongst the student veterans of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott.” (SVO)

In order to promote SVO, the idea of a Costume Contest came about. “The idea for this was to get more campus engagement” says Public Affairs officer Jackson Ownins. For the future, Owins wants “to do more fun things as an organization” and to “grow campus engagement.” According to Owins, the creative costumes were Thor, Doctor Strange, some knights, and a homemade Mordor costume. A member said the funniest costumes were an inflatable unicorn and Arthur. The most elaborate costume was Doctor Strange. The most popular costumes SVO saw were superheroes, such as Elastigirl, Superman, and Thor. 

Winning Funniest is Shannon Burns with her grandpa costume. Winning Most Realistic is Tariko Daurte with a full suit of knight armor. Winning Scariest is Jeremy Coleman with his Witch King of Agmor from Lord of the Rings costume. Winning People’s Choice is Salma Benitez and Zane Zyltstra with their Wario and Waluigi costumes. SVO wants you to creep it real and submit your costume next Halloween! 

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