Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s 7- and 20-Year Plan for the Prescott Campus

Details about the 7-Year and 20-Year plan for the Prescott Campus as from the Student Government Association

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) has some pertinent changes planned for its Prescott Campus here in Prescott, Ariz. These changes are outlined within a 7-Year and 20-Year plan, detailed by  the photos here and in the Student Government Association (SGA) office. After having conversations with Joshua Limes ’20, the SGA President, and Melea Tucker ’21, the SGA Vice President, about the plans, many important details about these changes were shared.

First and foremost, both the 7-Year and 20-Year plans actually began a couple of years ago, according to Limes. This would explain the construction of the baseball fields and the campus lighting changes to LED lighting, as pointed out by Tucker, that are currently in the works. Limes also mentioned that it also accounts for the STEM building and the T2 residence hall, which are already built and in use.

Within the 7-Year plan, there are new buildings to be anticipated, such as the highly anticipated and talked about Student Union and Dobberteen Drive has been reconfigured. While the latter is almost complete, notwithstanding the baseball field construction that is actively going on, the former is being thoroughly planned.

The highly awaited student union is being planned by the same architects that planned the student union at the Daytona Beach Campus and the STEM building here at the Prescott Campus. As brought up by both Limes and Tucker, the Prescott Campus student union is currently looking to be about 3-stories high, per student request. Limes shared that the architects are also taking into account the student atmosphere and regional climate here at the Prescott Campus when creating the student union and other buildings.  

A noticeable change included in the 20-Year plan is the planned Greek housing on the far side of campus. It was mentioned by Limes and Tucker that this means that ERAU and the architects are avidly listening to student input and requests. Another highlight of the 20-Year plan that was addressed by Tucker is the Track and Multi-Purpose field that is planned to be neighboring the current soccer/track field. With the construction of this field, ERAU Prescott anticipates expanding their athletic teams to include a Track and Field team in the future.

A third and affable change that is expected for the 20-Year plan is the housing by the roundabout off of Dan Carrell Drive and a T3 residence hall. These housing additions also come with additional and highly requested parking that is anticipated to scattered through campus. 

Lastly, according to Limes, the 20-Year plan anticipates replacing the affectionately known “maze” with academic buildings, like STEM, for classroom use. This will give rise to a quad, as can be seen in the 20-Year plan, making ERAU Prescott look more like a traditional university. 

One of the notably missing details is the basketball courts. Their construction is being taken into consideration within the plans which is why that part of campus is left untouched in both plans. It’s important to address that the basketball court is an SGA led initiative, not that of the architects. All of the updates and changes of the plans will be gradually implemented over the years, according to Limes. So, the Prescott Campus is in the midst of these great changes.

The only photos that the Prescott campus has access to at this time are within the SGA office. All of the changes to the Prescott Campus are “pretty straightforward” says Limes. When viewing these plans in person, there is a post-it notes form of a suggestion box for students to make suggestions to the plans in real-time. Limes and Tucker emphasized that student input is being heard, so please make use of this method and share any and all ideas.