Drink Review – Family Recipe Wassail

Rating 5/5

Wassail (WOS – ayl) is an Old Norse drink commonly used as an expression of goodwill at festivals, celebrations, and for “Wassailing,” much like a toast. It was also commonly an apple-derived cider with spices and sugar.

It is a drink that my family has been drinking since before I was born. We would always have Wassail during the holidays, the season of Halloween to New Years. 

My family recipe is one gallon of apple juice, one cinnamon stick, twelve whole cloves, two black tea bags, and one cup of Tang mix. First heat the apple juice to boil, then put the black tea backs in and boil for a standard period for making tea. Insert the rest of the ingredients and stir until the tang mix is properly diluted and mixed. It is then up to you whether you want to remove the tea bags. 

This drink is no doubt my favorite drink for the winter season, but I would happily drink it any time of year. It is hard to explain what it tastes and smells like other than it is like smelling and tasting the holidays. The smell will spread throughout your dorm room, apartment, or house and is very relaxing.

I have never met anyone who dislikes Wassail’s taste or smell, and my family has shared the drink with many. It is a great drink to enjoy with the whole family.

For those of the age of 21 and up, my older relatives would occasionally add some brandy for a little holiday kick that blends perfectly with the concoction.

I highly recommend trying this drink. It is very easy to make and never disappoints (even if you screw up the proportions a little). Happy Holidays!