Computer Science Internship Application Results

Computer science is a hot major right now. As a result, obtaining quality internships involves intense competition between peers. I conducted a very informal study for those studying computer science, either independently or in university, to collect statistics on how competitive exactly the internship search is.

I particularly found the relationship between the amount of applications sent out and the proportion of interviews received interesting. It seems that the more applications a person sends out, the lower their interview rate is. This may be due to the fact that people sending out many applications feel that they are not as impressive as candidates. 

However, there was seemingly no correlation between a candidate’s perceived strength of their own resume and the amount of applications they sent out. It seems that the possibility of insecurity about their strength as a candidate does not correlate with their personal rating of their resume.

There was no statistically significant correlation between the amount of applications sent out and the total amount of offers received. (R-squared = 0.05) Somehow people are naturally balancing out the amount of applications they send such that every individual receives approximately the same amount of offers. A possible explanation of this is that everyone follows a strategy where they will continually apply to companies until they receive one or two offers then stop searching. This may be what causes the average amount of offers from the survey to be 2.2 offers.