Comic Book Review: “Untold Tales of Spider-Man” Vol. 1 No. 2

Rating: 5/5 Stars

The classic comic “Untold Tales of Spider-Man: It Stalks By Night” was released more than a decade ago in October 1995. The story stars Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man. Peter is a high school student who gets bullied by his classmates and degraded by his boss Jonah J. Jameson at the “Daily Bugle.” Peter is still young and learning right from wrong, and while he makes some bad or questionable choices at the beginning of the comic, he eventually does the right thing in the end.

The art style is very different from today’s comics, considering the colors used and the outfits the characters wear. It is really cool to go back and not only read the old comics and see how times have changed with dialogues and problems in the world, but seeing how the art styles have changed in comics. This publication also features ads, which are just funny to look at.

The story does go along with Spider-Man and Peter Parker’s character, a person who has great powers and tries to use them responsibly. At the beginning, Peter is bullied at school by Flash, Tiny, and their goons. This isn’t just the verbal abuse that is seen more often in today’s world; they get a lot more physical by tripping and punching Peter. Peter wants to fight back, but he knows it will expose him as Spider-Man, which he has to avoid.

Peter then hears about a reward for catching a “winged menace” and thinks about how it will help him and his Aunt May. Aunt May is Peter’s legal guardian after his parents died, they both try to do the best they can to provide for one another. It shows what kind of family Peter has. No matter how small his family is, they always have each others backs; this demonstrates what family is supposed to be like. 

In the end Peter lets the “winged menace” go after finding out who it really is. He realizes that the money isn’t worth the piece of mind he would have for letting the villain go. He and Aunt May will get by like they always do. Spider-Man shows that it is always best to do the right thing, because money will come and go, but guilt will always haunt your nightmares.

To quote the great Uncle Ben, Peter’s uncle who passed away in an earlier issue “With great power comes great responsibility.”