Coffeeshop Review: Grafted Coffee and Tea

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Nestled into the side of Heights Church, right off the golf course on the way to the flight line, will one find Grafted Coffee and Tea. Having arrived, a swift walk up some stairs that follow large “Coffee” signs takes a visitor to the coffeeshop. 

Upon entering the coffeeshop, minimalist themes of gray, white, and black hit you with full force. As a millennial, I found this part quite pleasing. It was easy to find the front counter and navigate the equally as simplistic menu offerings.

On that note, the coffee selection is to be expected – espresso shots, americanos, mochas, and lattes. One aspect that stood out was that they kept to more traditional coffeeshop offerings with “espresso con panna” and true macchiatos. Along with these selections were the affable prices listed. It would be safe to say that any college student can frequent here and still satisfy their coffee craving without breaking the bank.

The affordability made it easy to select a couple of different menu items to try. As someone who likes to explore and thoroughly vet the places I check out, I appreciated being able to do this without feeling guilty. The doppio espresso was solid and bold without being too bitter and had a pleasant coffee aftertaste. The tea was slightly under-brewed; however, I do believe that adding sweetener to my hot tea might have been behind my inability to taste all that the tea had to offer. 

Another aspect that drew me in was the ambiance, as mentioned earlier. To expand upon that, the coffeeshop is spotted with greenery, making the space feel less sterile and homier. A few others were there on their laptops, so I felt quite at home pulling out a book to read while I sipped on my espresso. On top of that, the view of golf course was an added plus. 

Overall, I give the spot a stellar review because it has everything to offer – great pricing, great atmosphere, great coffee. True to its name, there is no additional food, as they only sell coffee and tea. And I suspect that its location holds even more to offer depending on just what you’re looking for.