Club Spotlight: Black Student Alliance Organization

This week’s campus club spotlight is on the Black Student Alliance Organization (BSA). I had the opportunity to speak with the Student Vice President and a member of BSA, Melea Tucker. 

What is the goal of the Black Student Alliance Club (BSA)?

The goal of the BSA to me is to spread our cultural diversity to this campus as well as educating all students on who we are!

What made you join and why should others join?

I joined the BSA because it feels like a safe space, anyone from all backgrounds are welcome no matter the color of their skin. We treat everyone like family and everyone like an equal as we share our stories of why we are in BSA.  Others should join because it is an opportunity to meet more students and fellowship in an awesome way!

How long have you been a part of BSA and what is your current role in the club?

I was one of the founding officers in BSA as a legacy director. It is an artistic position inside of the officers’ line to make merch and [other related tasks]. It first started in 2018 spring. I joined as a 2nd-semester freshman. I am now a member. 

How does BSA influence and impact the campus?

BSA influence on this campus makes more people cognizant of issues that we as black students sometimes face. People’s awareness is living proof that we are making a positive change. 

If you could create a motto for BSA, what would it be?

 Our motto could be something along the lines of, “Everyone is welcome.”

What animal best represents BSA and why?

Our animal could resemble a panda because we are very welcoming and loving to anyone who joins our club no matter the race, background, or gender preference. 

Is there anything else you would like to add?

BSA adds to the diversity of our student body and is one of many symbols that makes this campus diverse and unique.