Boba Fundraiser

Project Pengyou Hosts Boba Milk Tea Fundraiser to raise funds for future club activities

On Nov. 4, 2019, Project Pengyou held its Boba Milk Tea Fundraiser outside of AC1. Much to the club’s benefit, the fundraiser was successful enough that the leaders had to make more tea just to stay open until 1:00 pm. “We sold out of boba. So that’s a plus,” synthesized club Secretary Matthew Konicki. Located in a prime location, the tea attracted not only students during passing periods, but also professors, ERAU staff, and bees. Project Pengyou sold the Boba for $5 a cup, with dairy and non-dairy milk options; there was a choice between 2% milk versus soymilk in the chai milk tea mixture. 

The Boba was made fresh the morning of, an admirable aspect of this fundraiser. This beverage is authentic, for the ingredients are imported directly from China and the recipe is based off of those in its originating country of Taiwan. This year Project Pengyou decided to have a chai flavor, contrary to the regular flavor of the years before. It worked out since many customers were, “a sucker for chai,” reported Madison Weber, campus faculty and frequent Boba consumer. She added, “The boba balls were also way better than any other boba,” which can be attributed to the Chinese tapioca balls. Overall, the Boba Fundraiser received much positive feedback, with suggestions of adding “maybe two flavors instead of (one) next time,” said Madison. “It is a unique experience for making milk tea and tapioca pearls for students to enjoy,” gushed club President Nicole Wood. 

The purpose of the Boba fundraiser is, of course, to raise money for the club but also, “to gather funds for our students studying abroad next summer”, provided Nicole. For members of the club, they have the opportunity to apply for Project Pengyou’s Study Abroad Scholarship, funded by the Boba fundraiser. While the purpose was to raise funds, the fundraiser, “gave us the opportunity to meet more Riddle students and grow awareness of our club,” replied club Webmaster Grace Tevaseu. For those who enjoyed this event, “Join us for our Boba tea fundraiser next semester!” exclaimed Nicole. 

Next week, Project Pengyou’s will be having a celebration for National Pengyou Day, on Nov. 13. This upcoming event will involve calligraphy and a tea ceremony. Stay tuned via the Project Pengyou Instagram: [@projectpengyou_erau]