Black Box Annual ERAU Creative Publication

Submissions are being accepted to the Black Box until November 26, 2019

The annual creative campus anthology, the Black Box, is accepting submissions through November 26, 2019. The faculty director of the publication Dr. Landis-Groom is one of the contact persons for the publication; the other person is the student editor, Kelvin Russell F’19. They and the publication are looking for any original creative submission in the realms of photography, art, writing, or anything along those lines that is creative in nature and can be published in a magazine. The sky is the limit here. Should this sound like an interesting venture, all pieces should be submitted to the publication using the following guidelines:

Please make sure to submit a copy of the piece to Dr. Landis-Groom’s office in AC-1, room 314 AND a copy via email to both Dr. Landis-Groom ( and Kelvin ( When delivering the electronic copy, it is asked that it is sent via a Microsoft Word document. 

Submitted hard copies need to be accompanied by the submission form (please see here for an online copy or obtain a hard copy outside of AC-1, room 314). Please make sure to read the entire form and fill it out completely. 

Submitted electronic copies need to be submitted via a Microsoft Word document. Additionally, when naming the file, please name it with the title of the piece. The creators name, or yours, should be in the email someplace or within the piece somewhere. Your name is required for submission; however, a pen name or anonymous submissions can be accepted when indicated. If the latter is desired, please indicate the pen name or anonymous submission when delivering both the electronic and hard copies of the piece. 

Written work is asked to be formatted as follows: 12-point Times New Roman font. Should there be a preference in font type and size, please make sure to indicate that when submitting the electronic copy of the piece. 

There is a limit for written pieces. It is as follows: two pages for poems and 2000 words for short stories and essays. Anything beyond these limitations should be inquired about prior to submission to the emails above. 

Any and all questions should be directed to either Dr. Landis-Groom or Kelvin via email or in person.