BCA Movie Night

On the first of November at 8 p.m., the Board of Campus Activities (BCA) held a movie night in the Davis Learning Center (DLC) auditorium. Completely free with snacks and drinks provided, the featured movie of the night was the classic “Nightmare Before Christmas.” Snacks included small bags of popcorn, candy bars, and assorted loose candy to put in the popcorn bag if an attendee so wished. The provided drinks included water, Gatorade, and assorted soda. 

As it was later in the evening, many attendees wore pajamas and brought along pillows and blankets to get comfortable with to enjoy the movie. Many people also brought their own snacks, and attendees could have spotted a student bringing in a whole pizza to the event – which was a magnificent idea others wished they had as well.

Attending the event, was Kaimina (Mina) Kalima-Almeida and she gave the comment, “I thought it was cool and glad when they fixed the problem.” This was a sentiment shared by many in the audience. At the beginning of the event, there was technical difficulties with the disk but Amazon Prime Video soon came to the rescue so the event could go on. Thank you to whoever let BCA use their Amazon account, many people appreciated the kind act!

Also among the attendees was Thomas Warfield, who stated “I thought it was fun and convenient, especially since the Nightmare Before Christmas movie was a movie I had been meaning to watch. The only problem was that they didn’t test if their disk ran properly before putting it on for the school.” Now you can check the movie off your “to-watch” list, Warfield!

During the movie, many audience members sang along to the songs. The greatest involvement was given to the opening score, “This is Halloween.” It is a beloved song that is popular around Halloween, of course, and can be considered the anthem of the popular holiday.

Just outside the doors of the DLC, BCA put up a backdrop for those who wished to take photos. The backdrop was the popular hill with the great big moon behind it from the movie – absent of Jack and Sally. The lack of Jack and Sally gave attendees the chance to be their own versions of Jack and Sally and take an abundance of great and adorable pictures. No doubt that the few people dressed in Jack Skellington pajamas would have been great to pose with in front of this backdrop, too bad there didn’t seem to be a Sally in attendance!

The movie was a chance for all different people to attend an event – from the outgoing to the introverted, as there was no need to socialize for the majority of the event. The attendees had a chance to sit, eat, and enjoy a movie that is a classic for this time of year. Even though there were some technical difficulties, the movie was enjoyed, and attendees were sure to have a relaxing night.