Word On The Street – Seeking Discomfort

Around Halloween time we love to go to haunted houses, watch scary movies, and dress up as creatures, ghouls, witches, and zombies to get our hearts beating and to seek a thrill. In all this fun, I see a lesson that could be learned from doing things that seem scary at first as they might turn out to be some of the most positive things you could experience.

With that in mind, I took to the streets and sidewalks of Embry-Riddle’s campus to find out what things our students and staff have done that seemed scary at first but turned out positive.

Q: What is something you were afraid to do, but glad you did it?

A: “Cliff Jumping! For sure. It was something I did a couple of years ago. I used to be really really scared of heights and I kind of just forced myself to do it because I think that fear is just one of those things you kind of just have to overcome. Otherwise it controls a certain aspect of your life.” -Megan Wood

A: “Scuba diving. It was really fun. It’s a really unique experience that you can’t get doing anything else.” -McConnell Gou

A: Join a fraternity on campus. They have a really bad reputation, but after going to some of the events, I found out that it was just that, a reputation. None of it was true. It was a really good experience and I’m glad I did it.” -James Bass

A: “Jumping out of an airplane.” -SGA Vice President Melea Tucker

A: “Walk into a class full of 35 dudes and then make friends with them. That was pretty intimidating, but hey, I did it.” -Kate Zimmerman

A: “When I left the country, I was afraid to try to speak the language, but I tried anyway, and it ended up being pretty good.” -Mackenzie Osther

A: “Applying for my first job. Going to my first interview. It’s a terrifying experience. I think most people would agree with, but it ended up being an amazing first job. I worked with an amazing group of people. It gave me the confidence for future interviews and future applications.” -Emily Strawn

A: “Enroll in this degree. Aerospace Engineering.” -Aman Basawanal

A: “I’ve had a couple of situations where I thought about jumping out of an airplane cause something was wrong with it. I went ahead and landed it and it worked out all right.” -Professor Art Draut

A: “Skydiving. I was originally scared of doing it, but I was glad because it was an exhilarating rush and a once in a lifetime experience and I got to do it with my dad.” -Devon Kisfalvi

This Halloween and well after, keep in mind that things you are afraid of and new experiences can be the best you ever have. Maybe you find out that something is what you thought it may be and you come away with nothing but a scare, but maybe it is more than you could have dreamed of and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Be smart out there and stay safe but find a little courage to seek discomfort and expand your horizons with something new.

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