What’s Good in Greek? – Sigma Chi Spotlight

The Kappa Phi chapter of Sigma Chi partnered with the Prescott Chipotle location on Thursday the 17th to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). Sigma Chi’s Fundraising Chairman reached out to Chipotle to see if they would be interested in the promotion and they graciously agreed and donated thirty-three percent of their proceeds for the night to the cause. The night was a success and 160 dollars were raised and sent to (HCI). 

The Huntsman Cancer Institute is a nationally recognized cancer hospital and research center in Salt Lake City that Sigma Chi has partnered with in an effort to make our generation the one that ends cancer. HCI is the only national cancer institute-designated comprehensive cancer center in the Mountain West. HCI is also part of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), a not-for-profit alliance of the world’s leading cancer centers. NCCN members write best practice standards for cancer care that are used around the world. 

The Kappa Phi chapter also supports the YMCA here in Prescott.

The Kappa Phi chapter of Sigma Chiis comprised of 42 brothers making it one of the largest Greek organizations on our campus. Their main values are friendship, justice, and learning. With these values as the cornerstones of their fraternity, they want to become the “preeminent leadership development organization on campus” as said by their President, Trevor Etnyre. 

Etnyre mentioned that his favorite part about his chapter is that it promotes a spirit of individuality. They have people from many backgrounds, talents, and temperaments and each person is their own. They are able to all come together with the same set of values, “have that same love for the ritual”, and all to better themselves as men and leaders here on campus and into the world.

Next semester, Sigma Chi is putting together a weeklong event they call “Derby Days” in an effort to raise $20,000 for the Huntsman Cancer Institute to help find a cure for cancer. Keep a lookout to see what activities and sales may be involved in that so you can experience them while supporting the HCI.