The Haunting Spirits of Prescott

All Hallow’s Eve is when the spirits come out to haunt the mortal world, but for some locations, the spirits roam freely all of the time. Prescott has hundreds of years of history, established as the capital of the Arizona territory in 1864. Local areas, such as the Whiskey Row courtyard, the Hassayampa Inn, Hotel Vendome, and The Palace Saloon are supposedly haunted by spirits of the past. Legend has it, the courtyard of Whiskey Row is haunted by a criminal hanged for his crimes at the gallows sometime in the late 1800’s. Hassayampa Inn, built in 1927, is said to be haunted by a ghost named Faith. 

The legend says that newlyweds, Faith and her husband, checked into the Hassayampa Inn, but only one would walk out alive. Faith’s husband left to buy cigarettes and never came back. After waiting for three days, Faith hanged herself in Room 426. Hotel guests see her spirit roaming the halls, waiting for her lover to return. There are also reports of a six-year old boy who tugs on women’s shirts in the laundry room, and a man named “The Night Watchman”, a man dressed in cowboy attire who walks the halls of Hassayampa Inn. 

The Hotel Vendome, built in 1917, was run by a woman named Abby. It is believed that the hotel was shut down due to overdue taxes. The hotel was bought by a new owner soon after. The owner allowed Abby, her husband, and her cat, Noble, to live in Room 16. After moving in, Abby became ill with tuberculosis. Sending her husband to get medicine, Abby waited for his return. He never did. Heartbroken, Abby and Noble starved to death in Room 16. If you book Room 16, the television might turn on by itself, doors might open on their own, and things might be moved around. You may also receive a cuddle from Noble. 

Before becoming a bar, The Palace Saloon was a jail, brothel, and an opium den. People have reported plants and glasses being thrown, mannequins destroyed, footsteps, and female employees being groped. With a town that has a history of over a hundred and fifty years, one can see how this southwestern town would be teeming with spirits that still haunt Prescott today.