Spring & Summer 2020 Course Registration

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Spring 2020 registration begins November 4th. Your assigned online registration day can be found in your Campus Solutions Student Center by clicking on Manage Classes and then Appointments. Registration for each group of students begins at 7:30 a.m. AZ time (the 9:30 time listed is east coast time zone).

Summer 2020 registration opens for all students on November 8th at 8:00am.  

Spring and Summer 2020 Class Schedules can be found on ERNIE -> Departments -> Records/Registrar Prescott 

Use the Schedule Planner tool (see link on your Campus Solutions Student Center under Manage Classes) to see all potential schedules for the list of classes you are interested in taking. Pick the one you like and use the tool to load the sections you want into your shopping cart. 

Once you have your courses in your shopping cart, use the VALIDATE process to see if you meet the pre-requisites for the classes you are planning to take. This will give you time to get the course instructor’s signature if, for some reason, you qualify for waiver of a pre-requisite. 

Questions? Please contact your Academic Advisor as soon as possible. Academic Advisor contact information and appointment information can be found on ERNIE -> Academic Advising – Prescott.

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