Short Story Eternal Dynasty Part 3

The card glowed in Drea’s hand as all four of them suddenly had holographic formed goggles on them. Everything looked normal as if the other two did not see anything happening. All of a sudden, in the spot where Drea was standing was a Gorgon, a monster that had snakes for hair and when looked directly in the eye, could turn youto stone. Ripley and Zeren averted their eyes from the monster and screamed in terror. “Guys! It’s fine! The actual creature powers don’t actually work against other rulers.” The creature spoke in Drea’s voice. “Oh my goodness it spoke!” Ripley screamed before Zeren decided to do something ballsy and look directly at the creature. After a minute of having a staring contest with the creature, Zeren starting blinking again and looked at Lexie. 

“So let me get this straight. This creature is Drea as her…Ruler?” Zeren asked before Ripley looked up and saw that everything was fine.

“Exactly! Everyone has a Ruler form. They take on a creature that you want to be or a creature that you choose to be randomized. Hence why Drea is a gorgon! The game randomized her form.” Lexie said as she soon turned into a dire wolf. “A wolf! So the game chose you to be an animal.” Ripley said before her eyes widened as Lexie’s form slowly changed to be a anthropologic wolf form, becoming more human but still keeping the wolf-like features. “Well, you became a furry, kind of.” Zeren said before chuckling a bit on how absolutely adorable the form looked that matched Lexie’s regular height of 4’10. “H-hey! Don’t judge me on this!” She said before pouting a bit. “Wait, that means..” Ripley said before suddenly transforming into a gargantuan women (towering about 10 feet), armored with equipment that looked exactly like a leatherback sea turtle. 

“Oh hey! You got one of the newer classes, the Aquamarines! They each present a species of turtle and you got a leatherback! Got the high defense on you!” Drea said as she took a good look around Ripley’s new form.

 “Okay okay! Now it’s your turn!” Go Zeren!’ Ripley said as she turned to her roommate. Closing her eyes, Zeren saw the game system randomizing her ruler form in front of her as if it were a roulette. She suddenly saw a form that appealed to her and reach her hand out to it. All of a sudden, green pixels sparkled around her as she began her transformation and soon the pixels dissipated revealing her human form but covered in equipment that seemed way too technologically advanced for the current era of 2019. “Woah, the Cybernetic Sona class. I have never seen this class in videos of Eternal Dynasty Gameplay. They say those who have great music tastes are awarded with the Sona class as their first free class to own, but enough talk let’s fight.” Drea said as she engaged a fight with Zeren. 6 rectangles appeared on the field and the two stood behind their own respected fields. 

“We are now Rulers. Our souls from the human world of Earth have been embedded in our Ruler forms of Eternal Dynasty. Now we fight! The winner gets to take my territory and the loser loses territory. You will also get some extra add-ons when you win the game! Same for losing, but you don’t get as much. Now, before we battle we step in as the leaders of this battle and take the middle rectangle” She said as she did exactly as she said and stepped on the rectangle in front of her. Zeren did the same thing. “To my side, Cosmo Wreath!” She yelled out as a gigantic cobra wrapped in cosmic energy appeared beside her. “Now, attack Zeren! Her Cybernetic equipment doesn’t scare me!”

To be continued….