RA Spotlight: Robbie Konieczny

Robbie Konieczny is a Resident Assistant (RA) in Mingus Hall One on the third floor and is in charge of 34 tenants. Robbie is a Mechanical Engineering student in the propulsion track in his senior year, handling capstone, and job hunting while also recently deciding to change up the AVL club’s hierarchy to let someone else take the honor as he steps back to focus on school. Robbie is a big comedy guy, loves making people laugh, especially himself, and he loves the outdoors as well as eating sunflower seeds. Below is an interview I have had with Robbie.

Q: How is your third year of being an RA going?

A: I am used to the position of being an RA and everything that it entails so nothing is new to me. Even while being a senior, the residents don’t need guidance because they’re all upperclassmen. 

Q: Do you have any advice for prospective RAs?

A: If you join for the benefits, stay because you care. It’s hard to do your job well if you don’t care and the only reason I love this job is because of the people I can meet and help. Watching people grow and mature and learn from situations is something I love to be a part of.

Q: Did you enjoy being an RA to the freshman more or the upperclassmen?

A: I enjoy being an RA to either group but the upperclassmen no longer need someone to help them, they know what they’re doing. The upperclassmen come to me for work orders mostly, but a few will come out and talk with me while I sit on my plastic chair on my balcony. The freshman are great because they’re more fun and it’s easier to care for them as they need someone to help them transition and I believe I am very approachable.

Q: How do you manage capstone and your senior class load with being an RA?

A: I feel fine honestly, it’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Even with capstone, I have enough free time to do yard-work for senior citizens and relax. 

Q: Do you do programs with upperclassmen and what’re they like?

A: I only do a few programs with the upperclassmen. I host the mandatory ones, but not many upperclassmen care or have the time for any programs that aren’t mandatory. I host an educational program once a month and two socials every semester. 

Q: Housing has three pillars that RAs strive for, what is your favorite?

A: Care is the most important to me because if you don’t care, you won’t do a good job, and doing a good job is what is needed to help students transition in a positive way.