Movie Review: Veronica

“Veronica,” a 2017 Spanish supernatural horror film directed by Paco Plaza, is loosely based off the 1991 Vallecas case. A young high school girl, Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro, died mysteriously after using a ouija board. When “Veronica” was released, it received high praise, people saying that “Veronica” was one of the scariest horror movies that they have seen. I agree with the high praise given to Veronica. Veronica is a hidden gem of the horror movie genre. 

The movie follows a fifteen-year old girl named Veronica in Madrid, 1991. After the death of her father, Veronica primarily takes care of her three siblings while her mother works as a waitress at a bar. During a solar eclipse, Veronica, her friend Rosa, and another classmate Diana play with a ouija board at school. Veronica tries to contact her father, while Diana is trying to contact her boyfriend who recently died in a motorcycle accident. As the eclipse comes into full effect, the seance takes an unfortunate turn, with Veronica screaming and passing out. Soon after, Veronica starts to experience paranormal occurrences. 

Although this movie was not the scariest horror movie I have seen, it is an enjoyable watch. I have personally seen this film several times and I enjoy it as much as I did the first time. With great cinematography, soundtrack, script, and acting, I suggest giving this movie a watch. The cinematography is bright and has shots that flow naturally. The sound track is inspired by classic 80’s music which makes the scenes exciting. The script is well done. It does not feel strained and feels like natural conversations people would have. The acting is extremely good, feeling very natural.  The only downfall of this movie is that it follows a very basic horror movie formula: a high schooler playing with a ouija board and unlocking an evil spirit. This movie is pretty predictable and when a jump scare would occur, you can predict them pretty easily. 

After seeing many a horror movie, I added “Veronica” to my list of good horror movies. I would recommend this movie to many. If you are looking for an international film with high praise, this is the movie for you. “Veronica” can be found on Netflix and other streaming services.

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