Destiny 2: New Light, New Life

Bungie takes players back to familiar locations with new gear to breathe new life into a nearly dead game.

Bungie has defied the odds with their massive relaunch and expansion of “Destiny 2”, “Destiny: New Light” and large DLC expansion, “Shadowkeep” 

This is Bungie’s first outing since buying out their contract from publisher Activision and going 100 percent independent. Activision’s oversight brought with it excessive microtransactions, pay-walled content and console exclusivity. This divided players, angered the fan base, and led to many players abandoning the game when the first DLC’s dropped or after the $40 “Forsaken” DLC failed to keep players’ attention and left them feeling gamed out of their money. 

To make the game more appealing to players who abandoned the game or players who have never tried the game before, “Destiny” is now free to play on all systems. This new model includes the Destiny 2 base game and the first two DLC expansions “Curse of Osiris” and “Warmind” Large expansions “Forsaken” and “Shadowkeep” are available for purchase separately. With this Bungie has also modified the mechanics and design in the hopes of being able to support the game for the next 10 years. 

Bungie has revamped the character sheet, weapons and armor stats in addition to new gameplay mechanics like finishes. The game truly feels like an evolution of the formula established in 2014 with the first entry.  The free-to-play model with “New Light” has players start with an amended opening from the first game and allows them to unlock planets via progression. It is a solid way for new players to jump in and get into the game without a price tag. If you are deciding to start on a new system do not worry, using “Destiny’s website characters can now be transferred between systems with all progress and gear coming too.

The big draw for fans is the “Shadowkeep” expansion. Players who played through the first game are in for a treat. “Shadowkeep” takes players back to the lunar outpost on the moon, but now the map has tripled in size with new locations and enemies. The new 8-12-hour long campaign takes veteran players to familiar grounds and creatively brings back familiar enemies to encounter. In addition to story expansions “Shadowkeep” adds three raids, a new dungeon, and a plethora of loot. Everything from weapons, armor, vehicles, and finishers are here and ready to be levelled up and modified to fit any playstyle. “

The big improvement to the system is the armor and weapon redesign.  Instead of swapping weapons for ones with better stats, armor and weapons can be infused and upgraded using items found through gameplay to hone the look style and feel to match your character. The player-versus-player, mode in Crucible is back, with new maps and modes included to help players level up quicker and put their newfound loot to use. 

Overall, this redesign and relaunch is a great time for new players to enter the game and get started but also for veteran players to jump back in. With ninety-five percent of the new items being available via progression and not requiring micro-transactions this is the absolute best time to jump in. 

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