Beautiful Animation and Stunning Plot Twists: Love, Death, and Robots Review

Rating: 5/5 stars

To start off, the Netflix original “Love, Death, and Robots” is not for the faint-hearted. There are numerous explicit scenes, grisly violence, and a lot of cursing. The show’s episodes are between six and 17 minutes long and have no connection to each other. Each one is a unique story of its own, and all of them have some sort of plot twist. 

Perhaps the most unique thing about “Love, Death, and Robots” is the various animation styles used. The second episode (as it appears in Netflix’s playlist for the show), “Beyond the Aquila Rift,” uses animation so realistic I at first thought it was a live-action episode. The animation only serves to enhance the viewer’s terror at the plot twist. Other episodes use more cartoonish animation, like “When the Yogurt Took Over,” a funny if disturbing take on the idea, “what if yogurt became sentient and took over the world?” 

Since each episode is less than 20 minutes long there is no fluff or unnecessary drivel, only plot and action. And the creators of this show sure do love some action. Many of the episodes feature elements of science fiction and the supernatural, as well as gun-toting warriors and a few magic users. Concepts are bent in ways that feel natural and the animation style of each episode perfectly complements the storyline. For example, a story about 20th century China during British occupation combines Chinese animation with elements of steampunk as British influence grows over the country. I found myself very attached to the characters in these short episodes. All of them are unique, sometimes a little over the top, but overall genuine and well written. The short time the viewer spends with them is not enough. Any of the episodes could be made into their own TV show or even a miniseries. 

“Love, Death, and Robots” is an incredible show and great for those, like me, who are unable to binge-watch normally. Another unique aspect of this show is that at the beginning of each episode there is the show’s logo: a heart, an X, and a robot head. Then the symbols change into objects that will be relevant in the episode. It’s a lot of fun to rewatch the episodes and see how the symbols fit into the narrative. Overall I give this show five stars and highly recommend anyone to watch it.