The Whims of Fate at Play

Smiles all around at Bingo Night

On the evening of Oct. 18, whilst an illusionist began his show off in the distance, the Board of Campus Activities (BCA) ushered in Parents & Family Weekend with Bingo Night. Due to its prominence, there was a large turnout of families from all around the world. Many of those families were mingling and making fast friends with one another. 

For those that are unaware,  “Bingo” is a game of chance popular for its simplicity. Numbers drawn at random are called out by the game host, and the players match said numbers on individual 5×5 cards. The first to get enough numbers to make a row (or any other specified pattern on the card), they’re to call out “Bingo!” to stop the game. The host will then verify their numbers match the ones drawn, and if they do, the player will then be declared the winner.

Before the event started, people were taking a gander at the prizes. Though there was a lot on offer, including a Crockpot and Lego sets, none drew more attention than the grand prize of the blackout games: a genuine eagle costume. When asked about her favorite prize, Chloeleen Mena, the BCA’s Publicity Director, had this to say: “My personal favorite was the ‘self-care kit’ we had. I love face masks so that would have been my first pick if I was playing and had won. My Bingo Leads were ecstatic about the eagle costume, though!”

The aforementioned Bingo Leads were other members of the BCA, and they served as the game’s hosts. In addition to the usual host duties, they also determined which variation of bingo was to be played that round. There was a wide variety of patterns called for, including forming an “H” on the board and getting a 2×2 block called a “postage stamp”. 

In terms of coordination, Mena said that, “Bingo Night planning is actually pretty simple. This year we did do a pre-check of the system about two weeks before the event. The week of the event we brought our prize ideas together and just explored the store to find prizes we thought students would enjoy.” Mena also revealed that, perhaps due to this process, “Bingo Night definitely went smoother in terms of getting the Bingo program to work. In terms of attendance, I think we did pretty well and had more than last year.” She also wanted to note that the illusionist’s show, which was happening at the same time as Bingo Night, “had one of our highest attendance for a performer this year,” and was an all around hit with the attendees. 

As one would assume, Parents & Family Weekend is a momentous occasion for both the BCA and the university as a whole. When asked as to why, Mena said that it’s because “it gives those that aren’t on campus on a regular basis a glimpse at the fun things that we put on every year.” Considering the smiles on the guests’ faces as the night progressed on, it seemed like most thought that the hosts were successful in that endeavor.

In closing, Mena wanted to “thank everyone that came out to Bingo Night to make it what it was.” As for upcoming BCA-hosted events, there is a concert slated for the Spring 2020 semester for which they’re “actively seeking feedback” via a quick survey on CampusLife. Mena encourages anyone interested to fill it out, and invites to “join us for our [future] events if you have the chance!”

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