Students at ERAU is runnin’’ this show!

Lights, Camera, Action! Let’s get these cameras rolling because Embry-Riddle students have some major talent here! A night to remember, full of singing, playing, beautiful artwork and of course, the raffle tickets. This was Autumn Arts Night, an event hosted by the Eagle Music Club that invited everyone to see their friends’ hidden talents and their artwork,full of art, music, and crafts with refreshments and door prizes. Over 200 people attended this event in total. With the theme of Area 51, we stepped into a night of Alien Abduction where balloons filled with LED lights were hung everywhere, with the eerie green light going on through the lower hangar as well as being engrossed with great sound of music.

This was not a program to be reckoned with, brought to campus in part by Eagle Music Club, the event hosted a variety of types of talents from in and out of music club. Our first performers were every group of the Music Club. Students from first-years to super seniors have the opportunity to show off their talents as Music Club finally opened a show to outside performers. The event itself filled up quickly with parents from parent weekend events as well as friends to support each other.Artists presented contemporary art from Brotherhood of Steel and different sketchbook pieces that were portrayed in a way of being framed and shown off to the crowd.

Eagle Music Club seeks to provide an open and accessible environment for seasoned musicians to sharpen their skills and for budding musicians to explore their new passion.There were over 20 students that performed in groups, duets, and in the music club.The evening started with the Eagle Jazz Combo, kicking up smooth jazz as well as tunes one can snap to! Followed by the full on Jazz band, also performing familiar musical pieces such as the Family Guy theme song which included individuals taking on solos from guitar to alto saxophone! Following up with the Acapella Choir and their small group choir the Acapropellors, they sang their hearts out, following the room with soothing voices and ambience as well as giving a sample of their upcoming performance in collaboration with the Camerata Singers, a local Prescott professional choir, which have a concert in November in the Planetarium.

Lastly, the amount of talent shown that night was amazing. Nothing can compare with the artwork donated by hidden artists amongst the student body or to the musical talents of outside students such as myself who did a piano performance or very popular Ukulele Player Matt Espiritu playing along with Reece Cabanas in the tune of  Lemonade by Jeremy Passion or to the crowd showing their talents at the open mic. According to Music Club president Tyler Hoover, “It was a night to remember under the stars even though I ended up losing my phone at the event. I am glad it became a successful night after many hardships of trying to find performers.”