Out and About: Jerome During Parents’ Weekend

During Parents’ Weekend, my family and I decided to take an afternoon drive to Jerome, Ariz. It was definitely something we were looking forward to because of the town’s reputation for being haunted. This coupled with it being the month of October was perfect timing and was all the better because we are a family that loves holidays. Since the drive there is a little curvy, my dad took the wheel. This left me to deal with the altitude change and taking photos with my mom. The timing of our entry into the town was a couple of hours before sundown, so I was able to snap a beautiful shadowed image of the mountains and the valley that opens to the abandoned mines below Jerome. I snapped the photo at the scenic viewpoint stop along the way and then we got back into the car to finish the drive to our destination.

Once in town, we parked on a steep hill, naturally. Then we got to walking. My mom loves Christmas and she managed to scout out the only Christmas store in town, which was down a rather sketchy flight of stairs. Inside, my mom was entranced, but it was clearly stated at the door: NO PICTURES ALLOWED. So, imagine this: a Christmas shop wonderland at the bottom of a sketchy back alley flight of stairs.

After that stop, we visited a few more shops, but my parents were hypnotized by the history of the town and how well documented it was with plaques. They were especially hooked by the hotel that burned down, leaving only an outhouse that people were actively throwing coins into through the bars. My mom took quite a few snaps of this relic, one of which is pictured here. All the walking had us starved, but we decided it wouldn’t be worth the hour and a half wait for the famous haunted restaurant. So, we hiked another staircase or two, looked at a few more shops and historical plaques, and made our way back through the Prescott National Forest. As our timing would have it, we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets this area has to offer.

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