Food Review: Louisiana Style Jambalaya

5 out of 5 stars

Southern-style cooking just got way easier for college life. Being born in New Orleans, my mother found a good recipe for a great tasting jambalaya that is quick and easy to make in under an hour. You will need a few things for this recipe so head on over to your local  grocery store. You will need to pick up Jimmy Dean’s spicy andouille sausage, a pack of peeled, deveined, frozen shrimp, a pack of Zatarain’s Jambalaya mix, olive oil, Tabasco, a lemon, and one okra plant. You can obtain all the ingredients for roughly fifteen dollars. 

Take your pot and place three and three-fourths cups of water in the pot. Add two tablespoons of olive oil. Then add the Zatarain’s Jambalaya mix. Next add the shrimp into the mix. Cut up the Jimmy Dean’s spicy andouille sausage into small pieces, preferably half-inch circles. Then cut the okra into quarter-inch pieces and place both the sausage and okra in the pot. Now place the pot on high heat, uncovered, until the water begins to boil. Once the water is boiling, reduce the heat to low. Personally, I set it to heat number six to burn extra water out of the jambalaya. Now place the lid on the pot and let simmer for twenty-five minutes. Stir the pot every five minutes. 

During this time cut your lemon into quarter slices. Once the twenty-five minutes are up and the water is boiled out, turn the heat off and stir to let cool. While the jambalaya is cooling squeeze the lemon juice into the mix and stir. Now after five minutes of cooling serve the jambalaya. For people who love spicy food, add a couple drops of Tabasco.. Make sure not to overdo the Tabasco as it can destroy the taste of all the ingredients and leave you with a burning mouth. Finally,sit back and enjoy imagining you’re sitting on the bayou watching the fireflies. 

Overall this is a great dish to try. It’s an easy recipe and pretty cheap to make. The thing about jambalaya is it’s known as Louisiana southern cooking but it’s very inexpensive to make and will fill you up. There are many alternatives as I have had jambalaya with shredded chicken in it and it is just as good. The process of making the herbs and spices that the Zatarain’s mix has in it is a very difficult process making sure that the peppers are ground properly, so the box mix is an easier route. Overall a great dish to enjoy with your friends.