Comic Book Review – Rumble Vol. One: What Color of Darkness

Rating 5/5

Co-creators John Arcudi and James Harren wrote the story of “Rumble Vol. One: What Color of Darkness”, the color art was done by Dave Stewart, the letters by Chris Eliopoulos, and Vincent Kukua did the book’s design. This issue was published by Image Comics, Inc. 

Our protagonist, Bobby, is an average young man. He works as a bar-tender and has recently been left by his girlfriend, like many before. He has a poor outlook on himself which makes him sad all the time and it’s probably feeding into his relationships. He is stuck in this wistful way of thinking causing him to dislike himself and to be selfish. 

One night as the bar empties out and Bobby starts to close up, a bizarre event happens causing Bobby to call the cops. When the cops arrive, Bobby is confused and in awe that all the evidence has miraculously disappeared, causing our protagonist to appear crazy to the police who just arrived on to the scene. He is left with a sword from the incident, kicking off his story in the book. 

Bobby is faced with multiple opportunities to choose selfishness and safety versus doing the right thing and conflict. The conflict revolves around matters that don’t directly involve Bobby, and include immortal races hiding among humans in their own battles. 

I loved everything about this book. I enjoyed the characters, the hits of comedy, and the story. All of it left me wanting to continue with volume two. 

One of my favorite parts about the story is that the main character is an average guy suffering through normal human issues. Many stories and comics have a supernatural protagonist or extraordinarily gifted human that succeeds because of these gifts. I prefer the story that has an average person succeeding by growing as a morally good character.