Coffeeshop Review – Method Coffee

Rating 4.5/5 Stars

Method Coffee is located at 3180 Willow Creek Rd, Ste A1, in the same center as Fry’s food and drug and Granite Mountain Pizza, right next to Jack in the Box.

Their prices are in line with most other coffee places, so they aren’t too pricey or a steal. However, they do offer a discount to ERAU students at ten percent off.

They offer all the standard drinks that other shops have including drip coffee, americanos, cappuccinos, mochas, lattes, blended drinks, teas, steamers, and Italian sodas. They also have bites to go along with your drinks including pastries, muffins, bagels, and cookies.

There is a suitable drive-through for those with places to go. On-site they have multiple seating options in-doors and out, including a few suitable tables for studying. Method Coffee also offers free Wi-Fi.

Inside they play music in the background, and it was rock music when I last stopped by. Specifically, it was the song “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World. Each wall displayed art pieces by local artists which were also for sale. The art and the music gave the shop a relaxed modern hip vibe offered at most coffee shops today.

The drip coffee I tried was good as it gets and was to my standards for the drink. I sampled a hot mocha which was overall quite dull, lacking the sweet flavor I was looking for and didn’t have that hint of coffee bean bitterness I was expecting either. The blended caramel drink I sampled was nothing short of fantastic. It was one of the best I have had and that’s not an understatement. It had everything I was looking for and I would take it over a Dutch Caramelizer or Starbucks Carmel Frappuccino any day.

Method Coffee is a great off-campus spot to get your caffeine, meet a friend, or to study, especially on those days when Hazy Library is overflowing with people and every table and room is taken.