Cafe 10: A Cozy Little Diner for Catching Up

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Cafe 10 is located in a bit of an odd location between Findlay Auto and Galpin Ford. Still, it was a close enough location for me to walk to for breakfast. The building is a bit of a maze, but Riddle students should be used to that, and had a pleasing theme. The main feeling I got from this little cafe was “homey.” It was busy when I went on a Saturday at 9 a.m. There were many Prescott natives meeting with friends and catching up on each other and their conversations echoed around the various dining rooms of the cafe.

I was seated at the counter and greeted immediately by a waitress. She told me about their deals for the day and I noted they had a great selection of pies. I ordered coffee and some typical breakfast food: eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and toast. The coffee was a good pick me up and tasted great. Even though the cafe was extremely busy, my coffee mug was never empty. 

The food finally came and smelled amazing. I prefer eggs sunny side up in order to dip bacon and hashbrowns in, but unfortunately the eggs were runny and a little cold by the time they reached me. The hashbrowns were also a little lackluster, but still good. The bacon, however, was immaculate. It was the perfect amount of crispy and not too greasy and I thoroughly enjoyed it with the eggs. The toast was also perfect, golden brown and great with some jelly on top. The best part about all this, though, was how affordable the food was and how great the service. It genuinely felt like the wait staff had their rotations down to a science. I was never far from getting a refill for my coffee, or a question about how the meal was going.

Overall Cafe 10 is a great restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, good food, and great service. The next time I go I’ll be sure to check out their selection of pies!