Short Story: Eternal Dynasty Part 2

Last time: “Zer….Sere…Zerenity? Zerenity Marshall?” the voice echoed through the room before Zheren snapped back to reality and lifted her head up before waving her name quietly. 

Suddenly, a shiver was sent down her spine as a couple of people turned around to look at the female. Shyly putting it down, she stared straight at the teacher trying to ignore all of the student’s eyes on her. “So, how do you pronounce your name? It’s a very unique name as well as one that I have never heard before! What would you prefer to be called?” Professor Abundo said while looking down at the attendance sheet and back at her. “Zeren or Seren is fine! I never really preferred any of the two at all!” Zeren said as she gave a small smile. Receiving a bigger one back from Professor Abundo, she replied “Well, what would you rather be called?” She asked basically repeating the same question, but reworded. “Just call her Symphony!” A voice called out as Zerenity’s face lit up. “Zilch! Hey!” She called out to her best friend from high school sitting in the same row, but on the other side of the classroom! The two exchanged cheeky grins and their signature air handshake before turning their attention back to Professor Abundo.

“Now now calm down you two! I think you may be my troublemakers this year.” Abundo said as she gave a small chuckle. She then continued with the roll call as well as going through with the syllabus. However, in the front row, a white male, built and a bit tall, caught her eye as he turned around towards the people being called upon in the classroom.

 ‘Oh i know him! I saw him around orientation week all the time. I forgot what was his name’, She thought to herself before turning her attention back to the syllabus in front of her. 

Time moved on and soon followed Calculus I for Engineers as well as other classes such as COM122, and EGR101. The classes went by quickly since it was just going over the Syllabus as well as doing some icebreakers. Smiles were made as Zerenity traveled through the campus meeting new friends and making lifetime memories. Slowly and steadily, she soon headed to her dorm in the Spunkins Building which just opened after being under construction for awhile. Well, partially open. The building itself was half-finished and only one side had students residing in it while the rest of the students that were supposed to be on Alpha side were living in the Bugora complexes which were low-ceiling as well possessed very sensitive fire alarms. A 6 dorm building became an 8 dorm room with two people living in the lounges of almost every Bugora room. 

Coming close to the building, Zerenity saw her roommate Ripley once again down the hall with two of their mutual sweetmates named Drea and Lexie. Both were astronomy majors while Ripley is an Aerospace Engineer specializing in the Aerotrack Guidance and Control Systems. Zeren is also an Aerospace Engineer specializing in Aerodynamics and Flight Testing. Zilch is a Computer Engineer specializing in Holographic Arts and interactive AI systems. A bit excited to see her friends, she quickly ran over to the table and sat down amongst them. “Hey friends! What’s up?” She asked with a cheerful voice. The three looked at her and gave a cheeky grin. “We just bought a new card game we can all play! It’s kind of fun! We just tried a few rounds before you got here!” Drea said while popping out a small metallic box that seemed to glow every time she pressed the button. “I am down to play! Show me your moves!” Zeren said as she imitated Captain Falco from Super Smash Bros franchise. Ripley did a pose as well from the same character.

“Well are you two ready? Here we go! Eternal Dynasty! Build my kingdom!”

To be continued….