Restaurant Review: Kiyoshi Ramen N’ More

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Located in the “cultural corner” of Prescott, across from Yavapai Medical Center, Kiyoshioffers a fresh perspective on dining. With an Asian-infused menu, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, and authentic Hawaiian cuisines, this little island of a restaurant  welcomes customers on most days of the week, with the exclusions being Sundays and Mondays.

Entering this quaint restaurant, I was immediately greeted by a friendly waitress. As I took in the sights, I snagged a menu and sank into a window booth, comforted by the cozy, lowkey vibe of Kiyoshi. At first glance, their robust menu overwhelmed me. Kiyoshi has much to offer, from its infamous ramen headlining in the restaurant’s name to their house-made spam musubi. The pages were brimming with even more dishes, like chicken katsu, lumpia, loco moco, poke, teriyaki, bao buns, kalua pork, seared salmon, and, naturally, shave ice to top off any meal. After much consideration, I decided on the chicken teriyaki, with a side of white rice and Hawaiian mac salad. As I moved on to browsing the drink options, I was presented with a variety of Hawaiian juices, Japanese tea, and Boba bubble drinks, ultimately settling on my default drink, a tall glass of cold milk. 

To my delight, the wait time was short, and the chicken teriyaki was delicious and cooked to perfection. The two large scoops of white rice were the sticky consistency that rice is supposed to be. While I don’t necessarily enjoy any types of salad, my friend seemed to enjoy the flavors of my Hawaiian mac salad. Overall the portion sizes were quite large, so, depending on one’s appetite, there is potential to take a doggy bag home. On a previous visit, I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken ramen. I recommend both of those dishes and would willingly return for either. 

On this particular experience, for I am a “frequent flyer” at Kiyoshi, I dined on an Aloha Friday. I was blessed with the sound of live music from local Hawaiian musicians, singing and playing the ukulele. Much to my delight and the wellbeing of my bank account, Aloha Pau Hana Fridays offer 10% off discounts for specific food dishes. 

The only reason Kiyoshi doesn’t receive my full 5 stars was due to their regular priced meals, that is, for those on a college budget, or lack of one. While the prices weren’t Cheesecake Factory expensive, it similarly wasn’t McDonald’s cheap. The average cost seems to be around $12 for an entrée, which is more affordable for those with a steady income. This Kiyoshi restaurant experience was superb and highly recommended to anyone who appreciates authentic Asian foods, or for those with a specific craving for local Hawaiian foods. If you do plan on dining at Kiyoshi Ramen N’ More, be sure to check out their website [] for the weekly specials. Aloha!

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